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Our Mission

We have two main goals: to train top-notch athletes and to teach young people to live healthier lives. We believe promoting sports helps create great athletes and a healthier community.

To us, working with athletes is a blessing. Their hard work, ability to bounce back, and their wish to improve can inspire everyone. They do more than just play sports - they motivate others to be healthier and more active. We see in them the power to change the world for the better.

Our Vision

At ELIT3, we see our athletes as community builders. Regardless of whether they pursue professional sports or not, we envision our athletes as ambassadors of change who contribute meaningfully to their communities, leveraging their influence and resources to uplift those around them.

We imagine a future where sports pave the way for improved health, leading to enhanced overall happiness for everyone.

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Thomas Gobeil, Co-Founder

Agent, Naturotherapist, Emotional Intelligence

Thomas played three seasons in the QMJHL.

He attended Anaheim Ducks' development camp, in 2013.

After his three seasons in the QMJHL and his participation in the Anaheim Ducks camp in 2013, Thomas trained as a naturotherapist and performance coach. He is dedicated to supporting high-level athletes. His transition from player to health professional highlights his dedication to well-being and sporting excellence. With his skills and experience, Thomas is an invaluable resource for players aspiring to develop both in sport and in their lives.

"Inspired by my career as a professional athlete, I have developed a role that combines my passion for sport and personal development. My work focuses on the development of emotional intelligence in athletes, a vital but often undervalued skill in high-level sport. I am convinced that this quality can greatly help young athletes in their evolution, both professionally and personally. It is rewarding for me to contribute to their success and to support them in their growth in all aspects of their lives." 

Luc Marotte, Co-Founder

PHPA Certified Agent

Luc has been a highly passionate hockey coach for over 20 year. Throughout his tenure, He has dedicated himself to the development of young athletes, instilling in them the discipline and mindset required to excel in the sport. He has also attended hundreds of NHL/AHL/ECHL/NCAA/Junior games as a spectator, advisor or scout.


He possesses extensive knowledge of different leagues, tournaments, and scouting processes, helping families make informed choices that align with the player's goals and aspirations.

“Recognizing the importance of preparing players for the demands of sports at the next level, we have decided to launch ELIT3. With my extensive background, I will serve as a trusted confidant, offering expert advice on various aspects of the player's development, including selecting the right teams, navigating the recruitment process, and making important decisions about their hockey career."

Francis Marotte, Co-Founder

Certified Health & Nutrition Coach

Francis played 4 years NCAA Division 1 and 3 years professionally, splitting time between the AHL and ECHL.

He attended Vancouver Canucks' and Washington Capitals' development camp as well as the Seattle Kraken's inaugural training camp.

 Alongside a Masters' in Business Administration, Francis has accumulated certifications in the health and fitness industry while continuing his professional hockey career. These certifications include nutrition (NASM & Precision Nutrition), personal trainer (ACTION), functional medicine (FMCA), and supplement specialist (DSS), and more. He is also part of Quebec's Naturotherapist Association (ANQ).

''I join ELIT3 with a burning desire to help athletes fulfill their potential through a better understanding of their lifestyle habits. Too often, athletes' biggest limiting factors are the very foundation of their life: their sleep, nutrition, exercise, and recovery habits. My systemic approach and extended knowledge and experience seek to uncover these limits and clear the path to unthinkable growth and success. I aim to accomplish this through constant communication and care for each and every one of my clients." 

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