The ELIT3 Solution

Our services include a well-rounded strategic approach to help athletes tackle their ultimate obstacles. We have the solution, from the body to the mind, and all the planning in between.

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Lifestyle Performance Coaching

A personalized plan to target lifestyle habits that limit the athlete's performance and personal development. Whether it's advice on nutrition, sleep, recovery or physical exercise, this support ensures an improvement in the athlete's athletic capacities, so that he or she can use all the tools at their disposal to achieve their goals.

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Emotional Performance Coaching

This service is designed to build the athlete's character so that he or she can not only perform at the highest level in his or her sport, but also develop the mindset and emotional management necessary to benefit and flourish in every stage of his or her personal and professional life.

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Career Trajectory Consulting

This service is designed to help players and their families make the right decisions and invest in the right places, every step of the way. From enrolment in preparatory schools, to school discipline, to educational choices, players and their families will get the right training and advice to optimize their opportunities.

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Ready to embark on a journey of personal and athletic growth?

12-month memberships

Our membership plan offers a year's worth of personalized coaching and consulting, paid monthly. The membership includes monthly meetings to track the athlete's progress and adjust their goals and action plans. 

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